About EpicAccountStore

EpicAccountStore was launched in November 2016 by a trio of sellers, mainly catering to the League Of Legends market. Our online aliases are Nikomia, Italian Madman, and xStacey. Our sheer love for the game drove us to create this website – EpicAccountStore. We intend to sell all sorts of online video game products here. Not only that, we intend to delivery quality products at best prices. Basically, our motto is to over-deliver. We value our customers’ satisfaction more than anything, and we are willing to go to any length to earn it. Customers are the bloodline of our business. Without you, we would not exist. We realize it, and we completely respect your business and trading with us. Currently, our website sells League Of Legends accounts, mousepads, wristbands and bracelets, rings, fidget spinners, clothing, phone cases, posters, and miscellaneous League-related items. We have also expanded to PlayerUnknown’s Battleground market. Once we receive more favorable reviews from you, customers, we will expand to more video game markets. Thank you very much for dropping by. 🙂

Our Customer Reviews

View our unbiased customer reviews above. All the reviews are independently handled by PlayerAuctions feedback system. We have no control over it. You can view all the positive and negative feedback in there. As of December 2018, our feedback rating stands at 100% which is higher than any other sellers’ on PlayerAuctions! 🙂