While experience does constitute a major factor of your gameplay, for a casual gamer, like myself, improving skill and gaining experience requires devoting an extensive amount of time to this game. Given that there is no training mode (as of writing this), and the brief and inefficient amount of fighting you usually get to take part in in a match, your skill can only improve so much. It took me 300 hours of gameplay to finally acquire reasonable skill and knowledge to get a chicken dinner myself (even though I had tons of chicken dinners before that, thanks to my squad mates who carried me unconditionally :P). Most of us just do not have the patience and time for that. So, in this article, I will list 3 external (and easily correctable) factors which are affecting your gameplay and make this game a bit easier for you to play.

1. Ingame Latency

Have you ever checked your ingame latency to the server your match is played in? No, not from https://pubg.disquse.ru/. The ping that is shown there is sometimes highly inaccurate. If you have not, now is the time you do. Head over to: ec2-reachability.amazonaws.com, and check ip addresses of the servers in the region you play. Let’s say you reside in North Carolina and play in NA. Pick one of the ip addresses  of the servers in North Carolina and run a ping test using command. If you get over 100 ms, you are sort of at a disadvantage here. Someone who plays below 100 ms will probably end up being the winner in a fair gunfight against you. You need to fix it before you play another game of PUBG.

2. Gaming Gears

A good gaming mouse and headphone are a necessity in this game. Of course, if you have been playing long enough with a normal headset and mouse, you can still become skillful. However, expending the same amount of time on this game with a gaming mouse and headset can provide you with more skill and much more rewarding experience. You do not have to spend a fortune to purchase these. You do not need Razer/Sennheiser gaming headset and Sensei/G502 gaming mouse. I own an $8 Vakind gaming mouse and one $17 Salar KX101 gaming headset, both which are available in our store. I also own G502 and HyperX Cloud Stinger, and let me tell you from experience: as far as PUBG is concerned, there is no noticeable difference. Both feel equally comfortable and suitable for PUBG. In fact, I have more kills using Vakind than I do with G502. Take a look at our store: https://epicaccountstore.com/product-category/video-gaming-gears-2/


3. FPS And Monitor Settings

On PC, playing this game below 60 fps is going to be a really punishing experience for you. Whatever settings you play in, make sure you get at least 60 fps and minimum stuttering. You might need to lower resolution to a value which is lower than your monitor’s native resolution. While this might make the game look a bit bland and gibberish, it is a much required trade off. In the middle of a fight, you do not want your fps to go below 60. Otherwise, you will probably end up being the loser.

Using Reshade and nVidia Freestyle have been turned off in PUBG. So, you need to use nVidia/Amd control panel to set the color settings of your screen before you start the game.

There are a number of other external factors which affect your gameplay. As of writing this, these 3 are the ones I felt I should prioritize. Let us know what is affecting your gameplay. Thank you for reading! 🙂