Before I start, I should state one thing; This is a perfectly safe method, and I have successfully purchased Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds at $15 from steam over 100 times in 100s of different accounts. Only requirement is having $15 in your steam wallet.

I will cut this article short to the point and jump down to the nitty gritty part. Head over to and check the current price of PUBG in the Indian region. As of writing this article, it is $14.76 which is perfect for our method. All you need to do now is make sure you have at least $15 in your steam account wallet.

Here are the steps to purchase Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds steam for only $15:

1. Download Tunnelbear. Here is the link:

2. Once you have downloaded it, install it. Close all background applications including steam in your desktop/laptop. Run Tunnelbear and select India. Connect to it.

3. Once you have connected successfully, run steam and log into your account. Please make sure you have at least $15 in your wallet.

4. Head over to “Account Details” and click on “Update Store Country”. Check the image below.

PUBG at $15 article

5. Select India. Check the image below.

PUBG at $15 article Step 2

6. Type in some details there. Make sure it is believable. Check an example in the image below.

PUBG at $15 article Step 3

7. Click on “Apply country change”. After you do it, you should see a screen message which says “Success! Your country has been changed to: India”

PUBG at $15 article Step 4

8. Now, head over to the store in the account, and you will find PUBG at $15. Purchase it, and then close steam. Turn off Tunnelbear and close it. Run steam again and log into your account. You will PUBG in your library. Change your region back to where it was.

PUBG at $15 article Step 5

9. That is it. You have just bought PUBG for $15 only. Congratulate yourself for being able to bear with me throughout this article. 🙂

Let us know if it worked in the comments below. Happy gaming! 😀