18th November 2017 marks the day our store is officially launched. Thank you very much for visiting our website. 🙂

So, you stumbled onto our website. You visit our shop page and find a product that you would love to have. But, you are reluctant to make the final move and purchase the product since it is your first visit and you are not sure how legitimate we are, especially because we do not have any store reviews yet. Your skepticism is completely justified. Please allow us some time to clear your doubtfulness. Here are six major reasons why you should not hesitate:

1. 800+ Feedbacks

We have been selling video game accounts at PlayerAuctions.com since 2013. We have made 800+ deals without any issues. You can view our recent feedback here. All the reviews you are see are unbiased and legitimate, left by people like yourself.

In order to expand our business, we have created this website. It will streamline our business and help us reach out to more customers. 🙂

2. Safe And Secure Website

Our website is SSL-certified and 256-bit encrypted, verified by Let’s Encrypt certificate. No visitor information is stored in our website. Every payment you make is safely and securely handled by PayPal which is the safest and most convenient payment processor online.

3. 30-Days-Money-Back Guarantee And Free Shipping Worldwide

Every physical item you view in our shop is shipped free of charge worldwide. There is NO catch. If DHL serves in your location, we can ship to your place. Moreover, every physical item you purchase comes with 30-days-money-back guarantee which starts from the day your item is shipped. If you are not satisfied for whatever reason, you will be fully refunded! 🙂

4. Best Prices

We try and provide the best prices you can find online. Compare one of our items with its equivalent at Amazon.com, ebay.com, etc. There is a 99% chance our pricing is lower. 🙂

5. Instant Delivery On Digital Item And Warranty Coverage

Every digital item, such as a League account, steam account or a steam item, you purchase is delivered almost instantly to your PayPal email address. Moreover, every digital item is insured. In the rare case of an issue, you will get a replacement/refund as per your preference. You will find more information about our warranty coverage here and in our FAQ page.

6. Responsive Support

We have got the best support team you can imagine. If you ever have any questions or face any issues, please contact our support team. They will assist you almost immediately. 🙂

As you can see, our services and pricing are almost unbeatable

So, what are you waiting? If you love a product in our shop, grab it without any hesitation!