Warranty Coverage

Types Of Warranty

1. One-Year Free Insurance

All the handleveled accounts listed in our store come with 1-year free insurance by default. As the name implies, if you lose your account for whatever reason within 1 year from your date of purchase, we will try to recover it. We provide two different types of resolutions:

a) We will try to recover the account back for you.

b) If we fail to execute a) successfully, we will issue a refund or provide a replacement depending on your preference.

2. Lifetime Guarantee:

We provide lifetime guarantee for accounts which we deem extremely high quality, or which are specifically owned by us. We are confident that nothing will happen to these accounts at any point of time. In the rare event of an issue, we will give our utmost importance to resolving it. 🙂

3. 6-Months Free Insurance

This only applies to the botted accounts. Botted accounts are referred to the accounts which have been leveled up using 3rd party script. There are a greater chances for these accounts getting banned. However, we will issue a refund/replacement should anything happen to the account within 6 month of purchase.

Warranty Policies

Our warranty coverage is subject to the following conditions:

1. You need to inform us of your issue within 10 days after you face it.

2. You must have changed the email address and password that was set on the account by default.

3. You must have played at least one match after your purchase.

Warranty Claim Format

In order to claim warranty support, please send a message at [email protected] with the following information:

1. Your invoice ID.

2. The issue that you have faced.

3. Screenshot of the issue.

4. Last date you had access to the account.

5. lolking.net profile link of the account. (For League Account)

We will respond in 24-48 hours and provide our best support to resolve your issues. 🙂